Sareum Ltd


Sareum discovers and develops innovative drug candidates aimed at cancers and autoimmune diseases. Their drug development programmes aim to improve outcomes for patients with serious medical conditions and where current therapies are inadequate. 
Sareum’s strategy is to develop programmes to late preclinical or early clinical stages to take advantage of the higher asset values associated with licensing programmes at these stages.

The Company operate a lean business model to deliver the most productive return for their research spend. This is accomplished by:


  • maintaining a low cost base by having a small in-house team
  • undertaking laboratory-based research using external providers
  • engaging in research and development collaborations to share costs and access expertise
  • having access to a worldwide network of expert research providers to progress programmes
  • pursuing multiple drug development programmes to reduce the risk to the company

The goals are to build value by progressing their research programmes through early clinical development and generate revenues by licensing them to pharmaceutical company partners.