35: Why fintech is still fun for investors | James Pringle of Pringle Capital/Goldsmith Ventures

05 Oct 2021 / Podcast Tax Enhanced

Fintech has been a hot venture capitalist area for some time, so it’s about time we discussed it on the podcast. For this, we turn to James Pringle, a former entrepreneur-turned-fund manager, who specialises in fintech investing. We start with the big picture: what is fintech and why the UK is one of its global centres. James gives some perspective on how the area has developed over the past few years, moving from universal providers to specialists and, perhaps, reversing.

The second half of our discussion focuses on what makes a good fintech now. We discuss the common business model of acquiring customers in one product area then growing by adding products. James talks about what makes companies defensible and what he looks for in new fintech investments. He brings out lots of examples, both well-known and up-and-coming, as well as a few of the lessons he has learnt along the way.

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James Pringle is the Managing Partner of new specialist EIS fund Goldsmith Ventures. Goldsmith Ventures invests in UK FinTech, PropTech and InsurTech growth start-ups. Prior to founding Goldsmith Ventures, James was a Co-Founding Partner at Love Ventures, another EIS venture fund where he sourced and led investments into the majority of the portfolio companies. James is also the founder of Pringle Capital, which has grown to be one of the UK’s largest private investment networks with over 475 members. James co-hosts Riding Unicorns, a Top 100 UK Business podcast. Prior to being an investor, James founded and exited video and machine learning technology company Suggestv in 2019 having raised money from angels and VCs.

Website: https://www.goldsmithventures.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thejamespringle/

Email: [email protected]

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