5: Climate investing | Pippa Gawley of Zero Carbon Capital

11 Aug 2020 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta

For the fifth episode of The EIS Navigator, Brian is joined by Pippa Gawley, Founder and Director of Zero Carbon Capital.

Brian is joined by Pippa Gawley from Zero Carbon Capital, who are focused on climate investing. They talk about Pippa’s belief that the climate crisis is the most important issue an investor can look to help solve. They discuss the challenges of small companies making meaningful contributions on a global scale and making judgements about what will and won’t work.

They also discuss the challenges of improving the EIS and venture capital world for under-represented groups.

Pippa has spent the last four years as a clean-tech investor in the US and UK. She learnt by investing alongside experts in the field of early-stage climate innovation and impact investment, and as a member of several angel networks. Before this, Pippa worked in interactive user experience research and design at eBay, and was also the managing director for a consultancy in this space. She started her career learning about financial analysis at Capital One. A life-long learner, she holds a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Cambridge, and recent relevant qualifications from Oxford Said Business School.

Zero Carbon Capital www.zerocarbon.capital
Crane tool for assessing climate impact cranetool.org

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