Bespoke Services

We provide a comprehensive range of expert capital markets advisory services to clients with multiple needs.

We produce bespoke work for a range of clients, from business valuations to producing commercial due diligence reports.  Each of our analysts are expert in their sector.

We also act as expert witnesses, advise on moves between markets, provide industry analysis, among other assignments.

Importantly, we can provide a range of tailored services beyond pure research. By combining the skills of our analysts with the experience of our team of capital markets professionals and their contacts, you can be assured of impartial advice and the benefit of our established relationships.

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Capital Markets Advisory

We are often asked to advise companies on a wide range of issues.  Should they take private equity investment or float, move from the main market to AIM; their choice of broker or adviser, general business strategy, and many other issues.

Like an investment bank, we have vast experience of capital markets and in-depth sectoral knowledge. Our advantage is that we are independent, and work exclusively in our clients’ interests.

Pre-IPO Services

A private company coming to the market needs help and support to compete for attention.

We help to create the initial investment story, a crucial step in attracting long-term investors. Our research provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the business and helps them assess the investment proposition.

Our services include:

  • Institutional standard investment research
  • Assistance with the choice of advisers
  • Helping management develop their investment message by enhancing presentation skills.
  • Providing input on Board composition
  • Giving advice on valuation.

Importantly, we are independent and impartial. 

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Bond market due diligence

We conduct commercial due diligence on a variety of transactions.

We offer a comprehensive commercial due diligence service for a European stock exchange.  As well as fulfilling the stock exchange’s requirements, the diligence process can be helpful both in providing an independent perspective on a business, bond or fund, and an insight into how to present the investment case to existing and potential investors.

Our sector knowledge and experience gives us an advantage over more generalist practitioners.

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One of our core skills is valuing businesses.

We have a deep understanding of industries and equity markets; we are always abreast of current industry developments and stock market perceptions.

Our experience enables us to recognise secular and cyclical factors that can impact the value of your business.

Expert Witness Cases

We have acted as expert witnesses in cases where either a sector expert is required or where a judgment is needed on a business valuation.

Our team is experienced, engaged, and authoritative and produces robust analysis.