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Miton Group are a UK fund management group that believes in the value of genuinely active management. They offer high conviction, actively managed equity strategies that seek to deliver strong long-term investment performance. Miton offer multi-asset strategies that seek to deliver a predictable outcome.

The fund managers have the scope to perform on an unconstrained basis and follow strong investment processes. They invest in companies’ shares or bonds, that in their judgement have the ability to deliver returns rather than benchmark weightings.

Miton Group are independently minded and seek to offer funds and strategies that very deliberately set out to be different from many of those our competitors offer. They believe this differentiation and focus on a wider range of opportunities provides their fund managers with the flexibility to add more value for investors and to manage risk effectively

The fund management industry is facing a time of unparalleled challenges, particularly in its ability to deliver value to its underlying clients. It is their belief that genuinely active management can make a real difference to investment returns.

In February 2018, David Jane, Fund Manager at Miton Group, presented at our London Investor Forum. Watch the video below to learn more about Miton Group's story:

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