Oxford Technology Management Limited

Oxford Technology (OT) is long-standing (S)EIS investor that can trace its activities back over 40 years. It focuses on making early-stage investments in science and technology based companies. It manages two funds: its flagship three-year combined SEIS and EIS fund, and a one-year EIS fund. Subscriptions into both funds will be used to acquire new shares in the next investments that OT makes, but they have slightly different risk/return profiles.

The OT(S)EIS The Start-up Fund is a discretionary portfolio service, which will provide a portfolio of investments in unquoted technology companies. The target return is an average annualised IRR of 25% over a 7-15 year period. Returns will be focused on capital gains, and investors are unlikely to receive any dividends, although this is not excluded. The fund is evergreen.

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