Hardman Talks | IC liquidity could be better

27 Mar 2024 / News Video
IC liquidity

In this Hardman Talks, Stephen Samuel talks to Keith Hiscock about his recent note, IC liquidity – steady as she goes, but could be better. In the note, Keith analyses liquidity for investment companies as a whole and compares traditional with alternative ICs, as well as interrogating the data by market capitalisation and by sector.

Stephen and Keith discuss how to define liquidity, and they explore the consequences of lower liquidity for companies and investors. Finally, Keith suggests ways that IC liquidity can be boosted to make shares more attractive to investors.

Liquidity is the lifeblood of markets and measuring it over time is a way of gauging a market’s health. IC liquidity is under strain, especially for the smallest funds, and sponsored research may be a way to improve this.

Watch the interview now to find out more about IC liquidity.

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