Hardman Talks | Oakley Capital Investments discussion with Steven Tredget

26 Mar 2021 / News Video

With their latest standout results behind them, we were delighted to spend time with Oakley Capital Investment’s Steven Tredget (Partner) for a discussion webinar on Hardman Talks. Hardman & Co’s Head of Investment Company research, Mark Thomas, hosted the event, starting off by sharing his sector insights on private equity.

Mark highlighted the competitive advantage for the underlying companies in uncertain times with access to more certain funding and operational expertise that are provided by PE firms. Steven explored the key strength for Oakley Capital, its relationships with a network of entrepreneurs who help originate and manage their investments. The impressive EBITDA growth of 20% in OCI investee companies is a huge outperformance against the MSCI, but moreover highlights the sustainability of OCI’s returns since inception. With ten out of the (then) 17 companies in the portfolio having experienced either a neutral or positive impact on their businesses through COVID-19, the pandemic headwinds have been managed carefully within the portfolio. The discussion topics broadened into why high levels of return are expected going forward, how new investments are assessed and current opportunities, the valuation of assets, and extensive comments on discount management.

As the first ‘discussion style’ live event, we were pleased to welcome one of the largest audiences we have seen on the Hardman Talks series. We look forward to hosting OCI back on our channel in the near future.

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