Video: How to value your business

04 Jul 2024 / News Video
Valuing your business

Recently Hardman & Co hosted a pro-manchester member event entitled ‘Do you know the value of your business? It’s time you do.’

The event successfully brought together entrepreneurs, investors, and business experts to delve into the complexities and necessities of valuing private businesses against the current macro backdrop. Watch the recording below.

Take a realistic approach

The seminar focused on the importance of obtaining a realistic valuation of private companies, particularly for those looking to raise capital, pursue acquisitions, or prepare for a sale. Given the subjective nature of business valuations and the potential pitfalls of relying on outdated or inappropriate methodologies, the overall messaging stressed the use of current, realistic approaches reflective of the post-Covid market conditions.

Fair value, real multiples

We kicked off with Richard Angus of Hardman & Co, who shared his insights on how to assess Fair Value in today’s deal landscape and how to further navigate through the updated IPEV guidelines and regulatory pressures. This was followed by a compelling keynote address from Doug Lawson, CEO & Co-Founder of MarktoMarket, who presented the latest data on deal multiples, analysing trends by size and sector. Doug’s presentation delved into the influences on multiples, categorized under the acronym ‘PIGS’, which stands for Predictability of Revenue, Industry, Growth, and Size. He also critically examined what constitutes the ‘real’ multiple in valuations, offering a deep dive into the UK startup and scaleup valuation scene, equipping attendees with invaluable data.

The concluding panel discussion was particularly enlightening, featuring Richard and Doug alongside Charlotte Ashton, CEO & Founder of Implicit Advisory. Chaired by Hardman & Co’s CEO, Keith Hiscock, the panellists shared their personal experiences and challenges in valuing private businesses. Charlotte’s additional insights provided a practical perspective on ensuring companies are adequately prepared for valuation, which is crucial for achieving favourable outcomes in acquisitions or capital raises.

Independence is everything in valuing your business

Overall, the event was highly successful, providing attendees with a clear and actionable understanding of current valuation practices and market trends. Obtaining an independent assessment is becoming increasingly important given the market’s current funding and liquidity issues. Hardman’s valuation and advisory services enable business leaders and entrepreneurs to more accurately determine the worth of their enterprises and address these issues.

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