The Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS is a discretionary managed portfolio service focused on investing in a portfolio of life science-focused companies across a variety of areas. The target return is £1.70 for each £1 invested (gross) in four to five years. There is no income target.

Why Invest


  • Strategy: Well-defined investment process to invest directly in new companies in selected life science areas.


  • Concentration: Portfolio may be up to 10 investments, although smaller investors may get greater concentration.

The Investment Advisor


  • Team: The Deepbridge team is highly experienced in the relevant areas, and its Committees have very strong outside members.


  • Immature product area: Although Deepbridge has been investing in EIS since 2013, dedicated life science products are three years old.

Nuts & bolts

  • Investing: Deployments take place on a monthly basis, so new money will usually be invested within that period.
  • Diversification: Portfolio of between three and ten companies.
  • Valuation: Unprofitable companies will be held at cost or at the most recent relevant transaction. Profitable companies use a discounted average multiple from relevant companies.


  • Fees: Mixture of direct fees and charged via the investee companies.
  • Performance fee: 20% on gains over a return of total capital invested.


  • Risk mitigation: Deepbridge aims to mitigate risk by active ongoing support of the company and choosing conservative business plans. Most of the companies will be introduced by partners, who will also be bringing support.
  • Target return: The target return for the fund is £1.70 for each gross £1 invested over three to five years. Individual companies tend to have much higher targets, reflecting that success in a company will give an excellent return; however, there is a real risk of loss in any project.
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