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October Investor Forum: Shareholder value in ESG investing

Why Invest


  • Strategy: Exposure to a portfolio of companies across a range of sectors the majority probably being based in the north of England.


  • Track record: Although the track record to date looks very promising, it still lacks depth.

The Investment Manager


  • Team: Diverse range of experience in team, with clear strategy and well-structured approach for post-investment support.


  • Rate of growth: Praetura have grown the team quickly in recent years.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Duration: The Fund is limited lifespan, with a closing on 19 December 2019, or when target reached if earlier.
  • Diversification: The manager expects to provide between six and eight investments.
  • Valuation: There will be no formal valuation, but information on the latest transaction prices will be supplied to investors.

Specific Fees

  • Fees: Combination of direct fees and company charges. Annual management fee mostly accrued and recovered from exits.
  • Performance fee: Charged at 20% on aggregate returns over 120% of gross subscription on a portfolio basis.


  • Target returns: The target return of 2x capital suggests a high-risk investment strategy.
  • Companies: Supplying risk capital to early-stage companies, most of which will rely on technology. There will be a spread of company returns as the successful ones will do very well, but those who fail may do so completely.
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