Sunday Summary

16 Jun 2024 / News

The Sunday Summary provides an overview of Hardman & Co research published over the past seven days, as well as an update on other Hardman happenings.




EIS Navigator | Episode 97. In this episode, we tap into the knowledge of Anthony Nitsos who founded fractional CFO business SaaS Gurus after working on a couple of successful exits. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) founders rightly focus on their product and market, but sound finances underpin any success. Anthony Nitsos has seen the inside of many SaaS businesses so has lots of experience in developing good practice.

Webinar | Why foreign investors see value in UK businesses. Richard Angus recently appeared as a guest on MarktoMarket’s webinar series, exploring the growing interest of international investors in British companies. Key points include the UK’s strong legal framework, skilled workforce and established market presence. We have exclusive access for our subscribers to watch the recording.