11: How much to invest in venture capital | Sanjeev Gordhan of Newable

03 Nov 2020 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta

Before joining Newable, Sanjeev Gordhan worked on the advisory side of the industry. He has a lot of experience in helping investors decide how much money to put into venture capital and unquoted investments.

In this episode of The EIS Navigator, Brian and Sanjeev discuss how investors should approach this choice and the difference between theory and practice. They also get into how you should spread your venture capital allocation between different segments, discussing how risk and value interact. And of course, they can’t ignore COVID and how investors are reacting to it in their portfolios.

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Sanjeev Gordhan joined Newable Ventures in December 2018 and is responsible for the strategic focus of the fund and angel network and its day-to-day management. Sanjeev started as an entrepreneur before going onto selling his own business, and spent five years as a Wealth Manager specialising in venture capital. He holds a diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and an MBA from CASS Business School.