12: Building a family company into a £70m exit | Scott Weavers-Wright of Haatch

17 Nov 2020 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta

Scott Weavers-Wright achieved two very successful exits before he founded Haatch. In the late 1990s, Kiddicare was a family shop selling pushchairs, car seats and the paraphernalia that babies and young children need. Scott persuaded the family to launch a website, which was the start of a decade of immense growth in which it beat many household names and became the largest in its category in Europe, before selling out to Morrisons.

In this episode of The EIS Navigator, Brian and Scott talk about the challenges of managing the business through a period of such fast growth, serial re-platforming while empowering staff, and keeping customer focus throughout. They also discuss the stresses of doing this in a family business, how the sale decision came about and what happened to the business once it was inside Morrisons.

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Scott is best-known for founding one of Britain’s largest e-commerce businesses, Kiddicare.com, which was subsequently acquired by Morrisons. Reaching sixth on the RetailWeek Power List, Scott is regarded by many as one of the UK’s most innovative business professionals in retail. Founding Haatch, Scott has invested in, and developed businesses in the areas of ad tech, B2B Saas (software as a service) and retail tech within the FMCG market, including Elevate, founded in 2014, enabling supplier monetisation programs across retailer websites.

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