18: Systematic venture capital investing and radical diversification | Tom Britton of SyndicateRoom

09 Feb 2021 / Podcast Tax Enhanced

Venture capital has long been dominated by idiosyncratic decision making, so SyndicateRoom's systematic data-driven approach is genuinely unique.

This hasn’t developed overnight, so in this episode of The EIS Navigator we discuss SyndicateRoom’s progression from a platform offering individual investments to the radical diversification approach that they use now. This is built on studying the whole of the UK market, which gives insights that will be useful to almost any investor.

We discuss how many investments the data suggest, how SyndicateRoom selects angels to invest alongside, the challenges of following on and what they can’t take account of.

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Tom Britton headed up the initial mobile application development at thetrainline.com before electing to work on his master’s. He completed his MBA at Cambridge, where he focused on entrepreneurship and strategy. While Tom heads up the technology team at SyndicateRoom, his skills and experience ensure that he does a lot more than just that.

SyndicateRoom www.syndicateroom.com
White paper: “A data driven approach to venture fund portfolio building” www.syndicateroom.com/data-driven-portfolio

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