2: Creating an investment process | Reuben Wilcock of Blackfinch

30 Jun 2020 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta

For the second episode of The EIS Navigator, Brian interviews Dr Reuben Wilcock, Ventures Director at Blackfinch Ventures.

They talk about the challenges of creating an investment process from scratch, including establishing a quality pipeline and creating effective decision making. They also discuss some of the challenges of the Advanced Assurance process.

Reuben is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience founding and growing technology start-ups. His smart home energy spinout, Joulo, was acquired by Quby. He also co-founded the startup Bar Analytics. Reuben founded the accelerator Future Worlds, and mentoring over 200 entrepreneurs and 50 companies. Reuben has a first-class honours degree in Electronics, a PhD in integrated circuit design and is an inventor on five patents.


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