20: Transitioning from serial entrepreneur to venture capital investor | Jasper Smith of Vala Capital

09 Mar 2021 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta

We love a good entrepreneurial story and Jasper Smith has a great one.

We discuss how Jasper started as an 18-year old building demonstrators for Sky, and how that developed into a series of television related jobs and businesses.

As importantly, these experiences have strongly influenced his philosophy as an investor, giving him a holistic view of what founders need from their investors. We also touch on mental health for founders and investors, something that is often swept under the carpet but is particularly pertinent in current times.

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Jasper Smith has overall responsibility for the Vala EIS Portfolio’s deal flow and mentoring services. He is an entrepreneur who has founded and invested in many companies in the media, technology and engineering sectors. Previous ventures include: Static2358, Electra Entertainment, Optimistic Entertainment Plc, PlayJam, PlayStack and Arksen. He has generated a number of highly successful exits, creating significant shareholder value along the way.