24: Making big ideas investible and measuring impact | Dan Somers of Boundary Capital

04 May 2021 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

We all can see big ideas, but it’s often not clear how to translate them into investible ideas. Impact investment is one of the highest profile ideas just now, so we have Dan Somers of impact investors Boundary Capital to talk about this.

He tells us how they draw investible themes out of the big idea, and how that works when it comes to looking at companies. Inevitably, this involves measuring impact. We discuss the Boundary approach, how the market looks at it and the challenge of comparability. We also give investors ideas about how to get started in this area.

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Dan Somers is the managing partner of Boundary Capital. He is a serial entrepreneur; founder and CEO of several IT businesses as well as executive and non-executive position of other growing electronics, software and green tech businesses. Dan is passionate about sustainability and impact as well as technology, and leads the business development for Boundary as well as managing some of the investments. Formerly a strategy consultant with LEK Consulting, he holds an MA from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences and a Diploma in Business Studies. A keen skier and ex-rugby player, now vicarious fan, he is dreaming of post-lockdown on the ski slopes and rugby terraces!

Boundary Capital www.boundarycapital.com

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Dan would love more book ideas, and to discuss anything we raised on the podcast, and can be contacted at [email protected].