26: Developing sales and processes in B2B SaaS | Mads Jensen of Superseed

01 Jun 2021 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

Generating sales is critical for any business, so it’s good to get someone on who has a playbook that works. Mads Jensen of SuperSeed focuses on B2B SaaS, helping his investee companies get those early sales and, when appropriate, scale up.

We talk about the challenges for start-ups: how to find those early customers, the difference between soliciting enough customer feedback and losing focus, when you know you have customer market fit and when to start scaling your sales up. We also talk about pricing and the role investors can play.

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Mads Jensen is the Managing Partner of SuperSeed. A successful entrepreneur and passionate technologist (having authored multiple US patents), he has worked for two decades building and growing tech businesses. At SuperSeed he helps ambitious technical founders build great companies from the early stages. Prior to SuperSeed, Mads was an entrepreneur, taking Sefaira (a SaaS company) from inception in 2009 to exit in 2016. Before that he was a business executive at IBM.

SuperSeed www.superseed.com

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