37: State of seed investing | Stephen Page of SFC Capital

02 Nov 2021 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

Recently, SFC Capital and Beauhurst issued a report about the seed investing market. It showed some interesting, and rather worrying, trends. In this episode, Stephen Page, CEO of SFC Capital, discusses the report and the seed market.

The big news in the report is a decline in seed funding over the past couple of years. Given this seems to go against trends in other parts of the venture capital market, we discuss possible reasons why. Stephen suggests some potential solutions, including the government updating the SEIS scheme.

With SFC doing more SEIS deals than anyone else, we can get some insight into other market trends. We also discuss inflation in valuations and how this can make things harder for founders to get funding.

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Stephen Page is CEO of SFC Capital. A veteran of the software industry, Stephen has founded and exited a number of software companies including DataEase, a global DBMS company, and Sapphire, Inc., an emergency management software. He founded SFC Capital in 2012 in order to help innovative companies secure their initial investment rounds. Stephen is in charge of the overall company direction and the investment strategy of the SFC funds, and supports portfolio companies by providing them with strategic advice.