38: Why ESG isn’t making the right difference and what will fix it | Matt Jellicoe of OnePlanetCapital

16 Nov 2021 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

With COP26 having just finished, ESG is back on investors’ agendas but so far it hasn’t delivered. We get Matt Jellicoe of OnePlanetCapital on to discuss why and what we can do about it. Matt draws on his experience of setting up a new fund that is environmentally focused, and finding out that the way ESG is applied to investments isn’t helpful. We discuss the difference between ESG and genuine impact investments and how this is leaving advisers and investors somewhat confused.

We also talk about the extent that this is a binary categorisation or whether investments exist on a spectrum, how the UN Sustainable Development Goals seem to be generating a common language and how close we are to getting clarity so investors can get what they want: investments that are doing good things.

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Matt Jellicoe is CEO of OnePlanetCapital. After a corporate career in public companies, Matt founded and successfully exited two technology businesses in 2012 and 2018 respectively. He has been an active technology investor since 2012 and serves as a Non-Executive Director for two technology businesses. In more recent years, he has specialised in sustainable investments. Matt is one of the founding directors of OnePlanetCapital – a climate change focused EIS Investment Fund. The fund aims to combine strong investment returns with climate and environmental impact.