4: Thematic EIS investing | Matthew O’Kane of Nexus Ventures

28 Jul 2020 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta

For the fourth episode of The EIS Navigator, Brian is joined by Matthew O'Kane, MD of NIVL at Nexus Ventures.

Nexus are thematic investors, so Brian and Matthew discuss how to find and invest in good themes. Matthew gives a couple of examples, showing how he built an investment thesis and how these have worked out.

Matthew joined Nexus in 2013. He devised and launched Nexus’s first EIS Fund, the Nexus Investments Scale-Up Fund, which was shortlisted for Best Generalist EIS Fund and Best Sector Specialist at the 2019 Investment Week Tax Efficiency Awards. He acts as an angel investor and active mentor to many of the UK’s brightest healthcare and education and food tech founders.

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