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40: How investing in start-ups to save the planet makes financial sense | Nick Lyth of Green Angel Syndicate

14 Dec 2021 / Podcast Tax Enhanced

By Dr Brian Moretta

The recent COP26 conference has stimulated a surge of interest in how we can make a difference as investors. Nick Lyth set up Green Angel Syndicate to solve that problem and, in a wider ranging discussion, we cover his story, experiences and philosophy. There are many practical challenges, from finding the right companies, what could be their impact and how you measure that. We also discuss timescales, balancing the long-term view of an angel investor with the immediacy of the climate issue.

We cover many of the wider aspects of the climate crisis. Nick’s background in advertising gives a good perspective on the use of language and how the green movement has been losing that battle. We also chat about the role of politics in both environmental movements and investments.

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Nick Lyth is Founder and President of Green Angel Syndicate, which he founded in 2013 as an experiment to fight climate change and global warming, with ten members, and two company investments. It now has more than 300 members, 28 companies in its portfolio, has launched its first Climate Change Fund, and was UK Angel Syndicate of the Year in 2019.