42: Building a differentiated angel investment network | Paul Tselentis of 24Haymarket

11 Jan 2022 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

Most angel networks start organically, with the members drawn from a geography or having a particular interest. 24Haymarket has taken a different approach, with a distinct philosophy. We invited its CEO, Paul Tselentis, to discuss what it did and why.

He talks about how 24Haymarket started, with an early focus on experienced private equity professionals. We discuss how the company leveraged these contacts and how it has influenced factors, such as how the network invests at a much later stage than most angel networks. Paul outlines how 24Haymarket has evolved its processes in the light of experience.

We also talk about the membership of the network, the expectations for members in terms of fees and commitment and how it grows. We ask Paul about how he expects it to evolve in the future.

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Paul Tselentis is co-founder and the CEO of 24Haymarket where he has been working for the last eight years. He previously worked in institutional private equity and venture capital at The Carlyle Group and CCMP Capital and began his career at Lehman Brothers in the Investment Banking Division in New York. Paul has a BSc (Hons) degree in Economics from Harvard University.