44: Diving into a case study and corporate partners | Parminder Basran of VGC Partners

08 Feb 2022 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

Unusually for an EIS fund manager, VGC Partners has moved into the market from the institutional end. Its focus on consumer and digital media is somewhat unusual in the sector and we effectively do a case study of one of VGC’s investments.

Kick Game is a premium sneaker retailer. Parminder talks about how VGC identified the company as the right player in the market and stalked it to invest. He also discusses what VGC did after investing and how VGC developed its retail and marketing strategy to enable its growth.

We also look at how corporate partners fit into the venture landscape. We talk about the benefits for corporates and startups, finding the right partner and how to avoid problems that may arise.

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Parminda Basran, founding partner and CEO of VGC Partners, worked in FMCG for seven years before going on to found VGC in 2011. The first investments were made on a deal-by-deal basis, and these included Metropolis London, a music studio, production, publishing and agency business. Subsequent investments included Round World Entertainment, the holding company of 10Ten Talent, the football and talent management business, Iconic Images, the owner of the photographic archive of Terry O’Neill, and Super Awesome, the fast-growing kid tech business based in London. Parminder attended Rutgers University in New Jersey and holds an MBA from London Business School and a BA in Management Studies from the University of Leeds.