45: Choosing VCTs and EIS funds and building panels | Luke Barnett of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

22 Feb 2022 / Podcast Tax Advantaged
Luke Barnet St. James's Place

St. James’s Place is the biggest writer of business across the whole tax-advantaged market. In this episode, we get Luke Barnett on to discuss how St. James’s Place selects individual products and how that translates into panel building.

Luke gives great insights into how the company looks at individual products and how it weighs up the different strategies, how it looks at teams and track records. We also discuss fees and how to look at them.

When it comes to panel building, St. James’s Place has a relatively straightforward strategy. But the current environment is bringing additional challenges and we talk about the strong demand for VCTs and how the company manages a panel when offers close so quickly.

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Luke Barnett is the Head of Tax-Advantaged Strategies at St James’s Place, and oversees the company’s panel of products in the tax-advantaged market. He recently joined from MJ Hudson where he covered the same space and oversaw the manager research and due diligence process across EIS, VCT and BR products.