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49: Developing secondary markets for venture capital investments | Mason Doick of JP Jenkins

19 Apr 2022 / Podcast Tax Enhanced

By Dr Brian Moretta

Mason Doick of JP Jenkins podcast

One of the challenges that venture capital investors have to accept is that there probably won’t be liquidity for their shares until the company exits. Several companies have been trying to change that, not entirely without success, with JP Jenkins one of the longest standing. Its Head of Corporate Development, Mason Doick, comes onto the podcast to discuss the state of play and prospects for things getting better.

We talk about the challenges for improving matters. Mason gives good perspectives on the lack of liquidity, as we dig into why it’s so hard. He compares the UK and the US, which has been doing better, and we discuss what lessons we can learn here to improve matters.

We also get into the challenges of getting appropriate information flows – how some private companies don’t understand the long-term benefits of getting those flows right. Mason also talks about the typical companies that achieve successful secondary markets and how companies can start preparing facilities for their investors when the time is right.

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JP Jenkins

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Mason Doick

Having worked for a number of years in financial services, private equity and investment management, Mason has come across his fair share of deals. He is currently Head of Corporate Development at JP Jenkins, responsible for all new admissions on the matched bargain trading platform / secondary market. From public markets to private, Mason has raised capital for both SME’s and established private businesses, and latterly in providing liquidity and exits options for those locked in shareholders. He was educated at the University of Portsmouth and holds the CISI Investment Advice Diploma.