51: How the angel market might change and storm clouds | Modwenna Rees-Mogg of AngelNews

31 May 2022 / Podcast Tax Enhanced

By Dr Brian Moretta

Modwenna Rees-Mogg of AngelNews podcast

Modwenna Rees-Mogg has been involved in the world of angel investing for a couple of decades. As the founder of AngelNews, a news service focused on this area, she has a wide perspective on the market and the trends within.

We spend the first half of our discussion talking about the angel market and its structure. She discusses the rise in “tourists”, how experienced investors have recently been cautious and what effect that will have. We touch on syndicate structures and whether investors are getting value for money.

In the second half we discuss the prospects for the market, and valuations in particular. Modwenna is quite bearish on the near future: we discuss why this might be and what is likely to happen.

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Modwenna Rees-Mogg MA (Hons) is the founder of AngelNews. Modwenna has 30 years’ experience working in corporate finance, business angel investment and venture capital. She started www.AngelNews.co.uk in 2003 with £1,000 of start-up capital. It focuses on media and events in the angel and VC market.

In recent years the AngelNews Group has expanded into assisting senior executives build second careers in the start and early-stage entrepreneurial ecosystems through The Pluralists Club. It has also built a private investor conferences business including the Great British Private Investor Summit and the VCT & EIS Investor Forum.

She is a NED of quoted Albion Tech and General VCT and at Asset Match and was a Co-Founder of FCA-authorised (retail advisory permissions) CrowdRating agency, which was sold to NextFin in 2019.

She has authored three books ‘Crowdfunding, How to raise money and make money in the crowd’, ‘Dragons or Angels’, a handbook for people wanting to become or raise money from business angels and ‘A Guide to Angel Investing’ being published in 20+ volumes by the World Business Angels Forum. She also trains people in business angel investing globally.