53: The evolution of platforms in the tax-advantaged market | Dan Rodwell of GrowthInvest

28 Jun 2022 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta


Platforms are part of the essential plumbing for advisers and investors in most investment areas, but the tax-advantaged space has lagged mainstream markets. Dan Rodwell, CEO of GrowthInvest, comes on to discuss why that is and how it is looking to change it.

GrowthInvest has been on a journey itself, so we start by finding out how it has evolved and why. We chat about the tax-advantaged market as whole, the additional complications that this space brings for platforms and what can be done about them. We also dig into the challenge of platforms getting to profitability, with Dan setting our clear benchmarks and how & when he thinks GrowthInvest will get there.

With GrowthInvest announcing it is taking on Kuber’s former clients, we explore the failure of the latter. We get Dan’s perspective on what went wrong there and what lessons he takes away from it. We also discuss the recent transaction and what it means for Kuber’s former clients, GrowthInvest and the market as a whole.

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Daniel Rodwell is the founder and CEO of GrowthInvest, a market-leading adviser platform specialising in tax-efficient and alternative investments. Prior to this he managed institutional and private funds in equities and derivatives for nearly 20 years. Daniel managed the UK division of Van der Moolen Equities AG and founded the equity derivatives boutique Ten Derivatives LLP. Daniel has been an Angel Investor for over 15 years, and mentors a number of high-growth businesses, focusing on digital transformation. He is passionate about increasing efficiency in the alternative investment sector, having been a driving force in the digitisation of Open Outcry traded products in the late 1990s.