60: Biotech update and investing | Sunil Shah of o2h Ventures

04 Oct 2022 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta

o2h Ventures

The biotech industry attracted huge amounts of capital during the pandemic, but how is it faring in the post-pandemic world? Sunil Shah of o2h Ventures returns to give us an update on what’s been happening.

We start off by talking about the wider market. We discuss what’s happening with capital and valuations, the contrast between public and private markets and how the US differs from the UK. We also dig into the M&A environment and, in particular, what is happening with big pharma who ultimately are the key buyers.

We don’t ignore the “operational” side either. Sunil gives some great insights into trends in the market, particularly around the use of AI for drug discovery and how perspectives on that are changing. We look at some particular areas that seem promising, especially those where Sunil is invested.

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Sunil Shah, Managing Partner of o2h Ventures, is an entrepreneur having begun his career in the Life Sciences team at PA Consulting. He co-founded Oxygen Healthcare Ltd, which was fully acquired by Piramal Enterprises Ltd (BSE: PEL) in 2013.

Since this time, Sunil has co-founded the o2h Group; this includes o2h Ventures, an investment firm that manages the HMRC-approved ‘ Human Health’ Knowledge Intensive EIS fund and the o2h human health SEIS SEIS Fund, o2h Discovery – a medicinal chemistry research services company – and o2h Co-Work Labs, a 2.7Acre Science Park in South Cambridge. Sunil has won the UKBAA Angel Investor of the year award in 2019 as well as the OBN Special Recognition Award for his significant contribution in the Life Sciences Industry. He serves on the Board of the BIA as well as Cambridge Angels. He is Chairman/Non-Executive Director/Board Observer or an investor in over 20 Biotech companies in the UK. Sunil has a degree in Biochemistry from Keele and an MBA from Cambridge University.