63: A new plan to generate secondary liquidity | Rufus Pearl of PlanD

15 Nov 2022 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta


The lack of secondary market liquidity has been a long-term challenge, especially for companies that are not venture scale but still viable. Rufus Pearl is trying to improve that with a new scheme for investors to exit some of these investments and bring forward their loss relief.

We start by talking about secondary markets for EIS and venture capital investments. We discuss the challenges, why it’s hard and what progress is being made. We also talk about different types of progress that companies can have, not just the successes and failures but also the spectrum inbetween.

This leads us on to talking about PlanD. We chat about the mechanics of how it will work and the likely effects on both investors and the companies they are invested in. Rufus then covers how he thinks it will develop in the near future and what will happen with the new fund.

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Rufus Pearl, founder of PlanD, has 20 years of corporate finance experience, including smaller company fund raising and flotations in sectors ranging from media to mining and film to fintech. Rufus was founder and CEO of a multi-award-winning lifestyle accessories business with global sales, and the founder of Pearl Corporate Finance, providing advisory services to investment trusts that grew to c.$75m AUM via a ‘swaps methodology’ that became the foundation idea for planD.