70: The challenges and successes of supporting companies after investment | Ben Leslie of Puma

21 Feb 2023 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta

after investment

In venture capital investing, it is easy to focus on the excitement of doing deals, but the reality is all the hard work happens after the investment is made. In this episode, Ben Leslie of Puma talks about how fund managers can support companies and help them achieve their goals.

In a wide-ranging discussion we cover many areas. Ben discusses how and where he provides support. He talks about the importance of relationships, and how fund managers need to make sure they are the ones that get called for help by adding value when they do. We also dig into the balance investors have to strike between helping businesses and not getting too involved. We talk about recruitment, how that can be a challenge for founders and the different ways a fund manager can help.

We also look at how the support that companies require varies over time. Ben talks about how they invest at a certain stage and specialise in support at that point, but are also prepared to take a company further if necessary.

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Ben Leslie is an Investment Director at Puma Private Equity, a leading VCT and EIS provider. Ben joined Puma in 2018 from Deloitte and brings a keen focus on social purpose businesses having managed successful investments into Connectr, Everpress, and Puma’s early years education positions. Ben is responsible for the firm’s investment activity in Scotland.