73: Patterns in venture capital exits | Henry Whorwood of Beauhurst

04 Apr 2023 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta


Exits were described by an earlier guest as mythical beasts, but the reality is much more positive. Beauhurst used its database in the report that it published in 2022; we get its Head of Research, Henry Whorwood, to discuss it. While our discussion doesn’t need the report in front of you, some people will find it helpful to download it using the link below.

Henry starts off by talking about Beauhurst’s data and what the report looks at. We discuss how Beauhurst focuses on high-growth companies, where it sources its data and how timely it is. We then move onto the trends that the report shows. We discuss the steady growth over the past decade and some anomalies in 2021, particularly the surge in IPOs.

We also dig into some of the details that the data shows. Henry gives insight into more recent trends, discusses the growth of overseas investment and some of the patterns in different types of companies.

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Read ‘Exits in the UK’ report here.

Visit the Beauhurst website here.

Read Beauhurst research (including the latest ‘The Deal’) here.

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Henry Whorwood, Head of Research & Consultancy, started and runs Beauhurst’s Research & Consultancy department, which produces research on the UK’s startups and scaleups. He has worked on briefs for clients including the British Business Bank, HM Treasury, BEIS and Innovate UK. Henry is an expert on business finance, entrepreneurship and innovation and regularly gives presentations on market trends at events around the country. He studied Classics at the University of Oxford.