77: Life science is not just drugs | Savvas Neophytou and Ben Carter of Deepbridge

06 Jun 2023 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta


Healthcare is a large industry and is a lot more than just drugs. We have two experts, Savvas Neophytou and Ben Carter of Deepbridge, to discuss the industry and how there are a lot of other life science areas that are attractive to venture capital investors.

We talk a lot about devices. We discuss the challenges and benefits of investing in hardware, how they do diligence on technologies and negotiating the regulatory environment, especially how different areas of the health system can be attractive. We also talk about internationalisation, how markets and regulation interact and how the US doesn’t always having the most attractive RoI.

AI is flavour of the month and clearly will have a strong effect on healthcare. Savvas and Ben talk about where we are and how it will progress in the near future.

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Dr Savvas Neophytou is Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Deepbridge. Prior to joining Deepbridge, Savvas enjoyed a 15-year career in the City, working as an investment banker at JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Shore Capital, Cantor Fitzgerald and Panmure Gordon. Savvas was also CEO of telemedicine business Now Healthcare Group. As a highly acclaimed analyst, Savvas has won multiple awards. In 2014 and 2015 Savvas was ranked 2nd overall in the prestigious Reuters Starmine survey. In the same year, Savvas was also runner-up in the CityAM Analyst of the Year awards. Savvas holds a PhD in psychopharmacology from Nottingham University and a BSc (Hons) degree in pharmacology from Manchester University.

Ben Carter is Investment Director and Head of Life Sciences at Deepbridge. Prior to this role, Ben had been the managing director of Touchpoint Service and commercial director of Telmenow the healthcare equipment focussed e-commerce platform. Ben has also been chief commercial officer at Now Healthcare Group, a leading telemedicine provider with its Dr Now app.
With a BA (Hons) in Management from the University of Manchester, Ben’s other corporate experience includes being commercial director at Possum, market leaders in the provision, installation and support of many types of electronic assistive technology.