86: Investing in consumer companies and finding out what consumers really want | Phoebe Scriven of VGC Partners

28 Nov 2023 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

Amongst EIS funds and VCTs, the consumer companies space is less popular than B2B investments but still has its attractions. VGC Partners is one of the few managers that focuses on this area and we ask Investment Director Phoebe Scriven to discuss it.

In a fascinating discussion we cover many topics:

– why consumer is still attractive despite the economy;
– how the dynamics of returns in consumer venture capital investments are different from B2B;
– how to understand the consumer when it’s not something that you would buy yourself;
– getting conviction when data is limited;
– developing investment theses;
– finding quality within a group of companies within the same space;
– how creative companies can find a formula for repeat success.

Phoebe brings lots of real life examples and really brings out her thought processes and approach to making investments.

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Phoebe Scriven E: [email protected] | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/phoebescriven/

Suggested book and media

Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

Phoebe Scriven, Investment Director, leads early-stage EIS investing at VGC Partners. After reading English at Oxford, Phoebe began her career in product innovation and strategy, working with major FMCG companies and travelling across the globe to better understand different consumers. From there, she moved into consulting and development finance, while (outside of her day job) becoming increasingly involved with the London start-up ecosystem via DevelopHer, a non-profit organsiation. In 2019, Phoebe made the move into venture capital, joining Supernode Global, where she made her first investments and exit. Phoebe joined VGC Partners at the beginning of 2023.