87: How marketing data can be used when lending to growth companies | Katherine Chan of Juice

12 Dec 2023 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

In this episode, we take another look at debt funding for high growth companies. Juice has a novel approach using marketing data and its CEO, Katherine Chan, comes on to discuss this and the wider funding market.

We cover a lot of topics, including:

– why alternative funders have arisen in the market;
– the pros and cons of using revenue-based funding;
– when debt finance is appropriate in high growth companies;
– how Juice uses marketing data in its approach;
– what makes reliable marketing data;
– how to navigate the risk of rising CAC/CPA;
– how lenders can give support to companies;
– the concerns that borrowers have and how these can be addressed.

We finish off by discussing some recent market trends, including the change in availability of funding. It’s a great discussion!

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Katherine Chan serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Juice, a forward-thinking financial services company dedicated to providing growth capital for digital-first businesses. Katherine’s journey in the financial sector spans over 19 years, marked by roles in banking and risk management at institutions including Commerzbank AG, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank. Transitioning from banking to the startup world, Katherine joined Juice in 2019 as the Chief Financial Officer and has played a pivotal role in the company’s development and rebranding from Velocity Juice to Juice. Her expertise in finance and risk management has been a key driver in Juice’s evolution, leading to her recent advancement to the position of CEO.