98: Building environmental companies and how we make green investing more popular | Nick Dimmock of 350PPM

25 Jun 2024 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

By Dr Brian Moretta


Nick Dimmock founded 350PPM as an incubator for various environmental businesses, but has followed a different path from many incubators. In this episode, he discusses how he developed the 350PPM business model, developing companies more generally and the state of environmental investing.

Amongst other items, Nick discusses:

  • How he developed 350PPM’s business model;
  • The importance of the right system;
  • Balancing doing things for a company versus developing internal capabilities;
  • Handling areas that are capital intensive;
  • Where we are in the demand cycle for environmental investments;
  • How we generate more interest in them;
  • The need for political support and change.

Nick is naturally forthright and brings some strong opinions, which makes for a very interesting conversation.

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Nick Dimmock, Founder and CEO of 350PPM, has worked in the environmental sector since 2007 and has so far been involved in over 50 environmental projects from Municipal Solid Waste Composting in India to 1,500 MW Hydroelectric projects in Ecuador. Overall, the projects Nick has been involved in have created ongoing emission reductions of over nine million tons of CO2 per annum. Since 2017 Nick has been involved with incubating, accelerating and venture building early-stage clean tech businesses.