Bonus episode: EIS and VCT fees & reporting | Stephen Jones of Clear Solutions Wealth & Tax Management

20 Jul 2021 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

EIS and VCTs have been described by several guests as one of finance’s best kept secrets, which makes the job of advisers challenging when they recommend them. Stephen Jones has a lot of experience dealing with these, and has won several awards for the quality of his services in the tax-advantaged area.

This is the second part of a really good discussion which is split over two episodes (see episode 29 for the first part). In this one, Stephen goes into more details about some aspects of EIS and VCT product selection. We talk about how he looks at fees and what fee structures he likes, past performance and the challenges of getting good reporting systems.

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Stephen Jones founded Clear Solutions Wealth & Tax Management in 2005. The firm delivers holistic financial planning, utilising tax-efficient solutions to both mitigate existing tax liabilities and reduce the impact of future taxation. Stephen remains one of relatively few planners who has attained the accolades of Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. Among other awards, in recent years he has twice won Financial Adviser of the Year at the Growth Investor Awards, as well as EISA Financial Planner of the Year. He has also featured regularly on BBC Radio and appeared on national television as an expert financial planning specialist. He continues to be a long-term regular columnist for ‘What Investment’ magazine. He was the first IFA to be appointed to the Main Board of the Enterprise Investment Scheme’s Association – the leading trade body for Enterprise Investment Schemes.

Website www.clearsolutionsifa.co.uk
Phone + 44 (0) 1283 730080

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