Business Relief Products – The truth about what’s underneath

05 Nov 2020 / Insight Tax Advantaged Download the report

This report was originally published in August 2019. It has been widely recognised as giving market leading insight into the growing estate planning market.

Although Business Relief (BR) has been available for decades, its popularity has surged in the past few years as increasing numbers of people accrue estates that may be subject to inheritance tax. The value of assets invested and the number of products have grown rapidly. With a wider choice for advisers in this complex area, specialist support and insight can be invaluable, both in terms of saving time and ensuring that asset allocation is appropriately diversified.

Along with this market growth, the services offered by Hardman & Co in this market have also grown to meet market demand.

In this updated report we give an overview of the investment options and their profiles, as well as provide insights into some of the potential issues.
If you are interested in growing your business in this growing market, please get in touch.