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Seneca Partners Limited

Seneca Partners was founded in 2010 and is the founding member of a group of co-branded companies. As well as the manager of tax-enhanced products, there is a mid-market corporate finance practice: Seneca Bridging, which finances property; and Seneca Property Investments, which manages over £75m of property assets.

Seneca Partners has over £110m of FUM across its various products. As well as the EIS Portfolio Fund, it has an AIM EIS fund that invests specifically in AIM-listed stocks. Historically, it also raised money for three Managed Storage EIS Funds, two of which have exited with the other 50% exited.

The VCT was launched in 2018 through taking over the management of Hygea VCT. The IHT Service has several lending trades, with borrowings all made on a secured basis.

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