Consumer Duty and tax-efficient investments | Webinar

12 Jul 2023 / Tax Advantaged
Getting ready for Consumer Duty

In June 2023, Dr Brian Moretta appeared on a webinar held by Octopus Investments, entitled Readying for Consumer Duty with tax-efficient investments.

The best outcomes for clients are under more scrutiny than ever before with the introduction of Consumer Duty. Dr Brian Moretta, Head of Tax-Enhanced Research at Hardman & Co, joined Steve Skelding and Julie Greenwood from Octopus Investments, alongside other experts, to discuss what this means for tax-efficient investments.

In the webinar

  • What advisers must consider in order to deliver good customer outcomes.
  • How advisers can evidence fair price and value.
  • How tax-efficient investments fit in.
  • The types of clients whose objectives could be met by tax-efficient investments (EIS, VCTs, and BR).
  • How financial advisers are preparing for Consumer Duty.

Watch the webinar here.