Event | Do you know the value of your business? It’s time you do!

03 Apr 2024 / Events News
value of your business

How do you work out the value of your business?

Valuing your private company may not be straightforward, but it’s important to know what it’s worth, especially if you are raising capital, considering an acquisition or contemplating a sale.

We have partnered with pro-manchester to bring you a seminar on 16 April 2024 at Gateley Manchester, offering insight into current methodologies and trends within the market.

The importance of understanding value

Despite the use of established methodologies, valuations can be highly subjective, and often the derived outcome does not reflect the real world. Using an inappropriate methodology incorporating unrealistic assumptions creates an illusion that is therefore of very limited value. However, reality is beginning to dawn on many entrepreneurs, as they become aware that investors can be tough to identify, and not seemingly in a hurry to commit funds. This is very different from the pre-Covid era when investors felt more confident. In addition, there are well-informed companies willing to make acquisitions – but only on an opportunistic basis.

Having a realistic idea of what your private business is worth in the current market is essential, especially for growth companies with high ambitions – but the question is… where to start?

Join us

Join us for a dynamic seminar with talks on the most current methodologies used to value private businesses in 2024, how to navigate the updated IPEV guidelines, and highlights on M&A valuation trends and deal flow.

We’ll be ending on a panel discussion, with our expert speakers drawing upon their personal experience in private company valuations and sharing the challenges that have arisen.

Register for the event now and we look forward to seeing you there.