November 2019 Investor Forum – Registration open

01 Oct 2019 / Events

We are delighted to announce our next Investor Forum will be held on Tuesday 26th November at DAC Beachcroft.



The Investor Forum connects investors with companies looking for capital. It is an exclusive event for individuals seeking investment opportunities; places are limited.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from the following companies:

Primary Health Properties (PHP): is a REIT and has recently grown significantly after having secured a track record of 22 years’ unbroken dividend growth, each year since flotation. PHP has always focused entirely on modern primary health assets, which are community hubs. This physical presence in the community means end-values are high, but the main financial attributes are upwards-only leases of typically 20 years, government-backed rents.

Surface Transforms (SCE): is one of two suppliers of carbon ceramic brake discs in the world; the customers are mainstream, global auto manufacturers. This is a new market opening up and its current size of around £150m pa (mostly in Continental Europe) is hardly a toe in the water: even niche auto components sell an order of magnitude more. SUR has successfully completed several multi-year tests and this has unlocked a number of contracts and the potential for considerably more. Barriers to entry are very high.

Non Standard Finance (NSF): After the aborted Provident Financial bid we expect NSF to focus on delivering these opportunities with renewed vigour with payback from historical investment increasingly visible. In the UK non-standard lending market, it has the market-leading network in unsecured branch-based lending, is number two in guarantor loans and number three in home credit.

Open Orphan (ORPH): Open Orphan plc is a European-focussed, rare and orphan drug consulting services platform. The Company consists of four elements: a European clinical research organisation and consultancy; an orphan drug services business; a Virtual Rep and Data Access Platform consisting of physicians and key opinion leaders; and a Health Data Platform to partner with Patient Advocacy Groups.

Each company will give a 15-minute presentation supported by an equity research note prepared especially for the event by one of our analysts and sent to all audience members prior to the event. The formal section of the forum will be followed by a networking reception with drinks and canapes.

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