Hardman & Co spearheads initiative to support new (S)EIS funds

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Hardman & Co is leading a new initiative to support (S)EIS funds entering the investment market. It has brought together a wide range of professional services providers with the specific aim of advising, educating and supporting new funds at the start of their journey. By understanding at the outset all the elements needed for a successful launch, the new entrant is in a better position to come to market faster and in a more co-ordinated way.

A new entrant is anyone who is launching or has recently launched an (S)EIS fund for the first time.

Vilma Pabilionyte of Hardman & Co said:

‘There are record numbers of new funds being created. We have come to realise that they all need help to set up and gain traction quickly. They need to understand the market as well as the available distribution methods. By bringing together providers of all different functions, and the right advice on what the market needs, we think that we can make an important difference to these companies and increase their chances of success.’

New Entrant Network


New entrants are the lifeblood of the (S)EIS industry. That is why it is so important to nurture and help them to develop successfully. When you take the step to launch a new fund, you are often entering a new world, with many constituent parts and nuances. In short, most new entrants need some help with what is needed and guidance on who can provide which services.

Hardman & Co has identified partners that it knows and trusts, and that have the same ethos and mindset in supporting new entrants. We believe there is a real role to play for professional services providers in educating, guiding and supporting new players in the market, and no single company alone can provide all the services that a new (S)EIS fund will need. The Hardman & Co New Entrant Network aims to facilitate introductions and referrals to help funds successfully gain traction and grow.

What is a new entrant?

A new entrant is anyone who is launching or has recently launched an (S)EIS fund for the first time.

The services you may need

  • We believe that the services needed may include:
  • Independent product reviews
  • Market research and marketing services
  • Fund management services
  • Distribution platforms
  • Custodian and administration services
  • Legal and regulatory advice
  • Tax advice
  • Adviser marketing and promotion
  • Insurance for providers and investee companies



Please download the flyer for contact details for all Network members.


Hardman & Co

For further information on the initiative, please contact:

Vilma Pabilionyte, Business Development & Marketing, Hardman & Co

[email protected]

+44 (0)20 7194 7622