Hardman Talks | ‘Has the bubble burst?’ with Derek Terrington of Hardman & Co

21 Jun 2022 / News Video

As a sequel to our original ‘Streamers versus Broadcasters’ interview on Hardman Talks, Larissa Adams is re-joined by media analyst Derek Terrington to discuss the latest developments in the sector.

Earlier this year Derek Terrington wrote a topical Insight piece detailing the slowing of the streaming growth in the North American market, while UK broadcasters reported a strong advertising recovery in the third quarter of 2021. Since Larissa’s last sit-down with Derek, Netflix has released a disappointing update in the first quarter of this year – reporting a potential loss of 200,000 subscribers. This marked the first time the streaming giant has lost subscribers in over 10 years. So, we decided to welcome Derek back onto Hardman Talks to find out what these new updates mean for the sector, and if there are any changes to his views.

During the interview Derek answers questions on the future of the subscriber revenue model, content spend, advertising markets and investor sentiment, while also answering the bigger question at play: has the streaming bubble burst?

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