Hardman Talks | Chesnara’s FY22 results

05 Jun 2023 / News Video
Chesnara's FY22 results

In this Hardman Talks, Chief Executive Steve Murray and Group Finance Director David Rimmington discuss Chesnara’s FY22 results and progress with analyst Brian Moretta.

After a presentation, we explore the results further, including looking at how new business is developing and how inflation is affecting the company. We also talk about the excellent cash generation in 2022, including some changes. Finally, we look at acquisitions, discussing prospects and capacity for future deals as well as the recently announced transaction with Canada Life.

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Chesnara’s FY22 results presentation is available here.


Chesnara plc is an established Life and Pensions Consolidator in the UK and Europe. It was formed in 2004 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.