Hardman Talks | Chesnara management discuss 2022 half-year results

08 Sep 2022 / News Video

In the latest episode of Hardman Talks we focus on Chesnara’s 2022 interim results. Steve Murray, CEO, and David Rimmington, Finance Director, join analyst Brian Moretta to discuss the highlights.

In this conversation, we cover:

  • The effect of equity market movements and why the cash result was more robust than Economic Value;
  • How movements in credit spreads and interest rates affect company economics;
  • How rising inflation may affect Chesnara – we talk about both the direct and indirect effects;
  • The renewed focus on M&A and the three most recent deals;
  • Why buying Conservatrix is a good deal for shareholders, despite the seller being bankrupt;
  • Pricing in M&A deals and how Chesnara evaluates the economics of transactions;
  • How Chesnara looks at available resources for deals;
  • What is happening to new business in the Swedish business;
  • The potential levers that management can use to support solvency and cost/benefit trade-off that these involve;
  • What immediate prospects look like.


Chesnara’s 2022 Interim Results Announcement

Chesnara’s Half-year 2022 Results Presentation


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