Hardman Talks | David Stredder of Mello Events tells Larissa about spreading the thrill of investing

21 Jun 2021 / News Video

On 10 June, Larissa Adams interviewed David Stredder, Founder of Mello Events, on the latest Hardman Talks episode.

As host of the popular Mello evening events for retail investors, David has the unique position of exposure to market investment ideas, trends, and themes from both the presenting companies and retail investors.

David tells us about his background, how Mello started and the ‘Mello culture’. With Mello’s growing audience and retail investor appeal, Larissa and David discuss key insights into the changing world of investor age demographics.


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About David Stredder

David is the founder of Mello Events. He started his working life as a sports journalist but decided to concentrate on his growing property management business, which grew to be one of the largest in South London and was sold to an industry consolidator in the late Nineties. Since then he has concentrated on his listed and unlisted investments and is an active small cap investor. David was a founder and eventual chairman of the London Business Club.

About Mello Events

Mello is an open community of serious and high net worth private investors, offering events which bring together investors and quality listed companies. Mello is run by investors, for investors, aiming to make investment inclusive. Mello responded to the events of 2020 with a strong online offering, including regular Monday evening webinars which promise to “stimulate, educate, facilitate, and amuse in equal measure”.