Hardman Talks | Demystifying Chesnara – a high-yield investment with a strong degree of predictability and good growth prospects

12 Jan 2022 / News Video

Hardman Talks is delighted to present a Q&A discussion on life insurance company Chesnara’s investment attractions with Steve Murray CEO, David Rimmington FD and Hardman & Co’s Dr Brian Moretta. Chesnara grows its book in two ways – the consolidation of closed books of life policies and writes new business in term assurance and pensions. The company operates in three geographies, the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands and management covers the trends prevailing in each territory.

Chesnara is unique in the financial services space, having paid an increasing dividend over the 17 years of its existence. David sets out the financial return metrics and highlights that the outlook for Chesnara is an improvement in new business trends, and acquisitions are most likely in areas in which the company already operates. New CEO Steve discusses the recent acquisitions and how Chesnara has a supportive shareholder base and the balance sheet flexibility to take advantage of deals coming to the market. These should add to Chesnara’s cash generation and, ultimately, support a growing dividend. This is a high-yielding investment with a strong degree of predictability and good growth prospects.

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