Hardman Talks | Engaging the retail investor

16 Nov 2022 / Video
retail investors

Following the publication of our report in collaboration with the QCA, ‘Quoted company engagement with retail investors – a new world’, Keith Hiscock talks to Alona Simister Falvey on Hardman Talks.

Having dismissed retail investors for many years, companies are beginning to understand that engaging with them helps liquidity, as well as burnishing their ESG credentials. Keith explains the ways in which attitudes are changing towards retail investors and looks at several reasons why this is happening now.

As attitudes change, engagement is growing, and retail investor events particularly have seen striking growth in the last couple of years, more than doubling since before the pandemic. 42.1% of London Stock Exchange (LSE) quoted companies held at least one event over the period 2019-22.

Watch the interview and find out what impact this has on liquidity for those companies.

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